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El mundo moderno está lleno de infelicidad, problemas, gastos de dinero a mansalva, injusticia, crisis… o eso dicen.

¿Qué peor condena, digo yo, que el propio hecho de hacer un castigo de todo lo que suceda? ¿No es un suceso, al fin y al cabo? Estamos vivos después de todo, lo suficientemente vivos como para vivirlo y contarlo. Eso es más que nada.

Aquí y ahora, me aventuro a decir que muchas personas somos unos fatalistas. Nos gusta sacar problemas de donde no los hay, sumarnos a la mayoría y culpar al gobierno, a la crisis y al resto de las personas de nuestros males y de los males ajenos. ¿No lo véis…

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seven beauty lessons I learned from my grandmother.

Keira Lennox

A Pretty Penny | Seven Beauty Lessons I Learned From My Grandmother

My Nan was a true beauty, inside and out. Full of kindness and grace, she had a way of making everyone around her feel important and loved. She taught me all the best things about being a lady, and while I resisted her beauty advice as a stubborn messy-haired adolescent, I embrace as a (still messy-haired) woman approaching her 30s.

Here are seven of the most important beauty rules I picked up from Betty Jean:

Keep your skincare routine simple. Nan’s medicine cabinet was always stocked with a gentle cleanser and Oil of Olay beauty fluid. She didn’t bother with overhyped anti-aging products or expensive department store brands; she knew what worked for her skin and stuck with it for decades. Through years of cosmetics experimentation, I’ve found that my skin is at its best with just a few natural, paraben-free products with sun protection (more on that in…

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Ashton Irwin

Que chulada Merceditisita :33333 xoxo


Well, this is Ashton Irwin, another member of the 5 seconds of summer band.  He is 19 years old and is the official drummer. If you want to kow more about this band you just have to look for my “Luke Hemmings” (the lead singer) post to get a general idea. Anyway, you can always search on Wikipedia if you are highly interested hehe.

I was anxious to make this drawing as I wanted to stand out one the most important characteristics Ash has, his dimples. They make him look so cute! This time I decided to situate the shadows below his neck and around his eyes to make them look deeper, as always. Finally I just wanted to say that I know this is not one of my best drawings but I hope you guys can recognize who he is. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me…

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taking stock | 04

Keira Lennox

Making  : room in my schedule for more “me time.”
Cooking  : lots of salmon lately.
Drinking  : home-brewed Tazo iced green tea with lemon.
Reading : Emma by Jane Austen. I just finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn after half a dozen starts-and-stops, and loved it!
Wanting : a weekend beach getaway.
Looking : for the perfect pair of overalls .
Playing : my old John Legend Get Lifted CD.
Wasting : hours watching  House of Cards  on Netflix.
Wishing : I had an Anthropologie designer to help with my spring window displays at the flower shop.
Enjoying : daylight savings, now that I’m adjusted to the time change.
Waiting : for a nice neighbor to move into the empty space next to the shop, so I can stop sweating a possible relocation for a while.
Liking : clean, manicured nails with a coat of clear polish.
Wondering : if…

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every girl needs a chambray shirt dress


Keira Lennox

A Pretty Penny | Chambray Shirt Dress

When I bought this little chambray number on sale at Kohl’s last year, I had no idea it would become one of my all-time favorite basics.

This comfy dress is easily transformed from weekday to weekend with belts, shoes, and accessories. I’ve thrown it on with flats countless times for busy days at the flower shop, but I’ve also worn it as cover-up at the beach, with heels and a statement necklace for casual business meetings, and over tights and boots on chilly days. It’s one of the most versatile — and comfortable! —  pieces in my closet, and it just keeps getting softer and better with each wash and wear.

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Wild and crazy wool covered feet

I love this!!

knit the hell out

hundertwasser-3 My much treasured Opal sock yarn in the Hundertwasser theme has become a pair of socks that I will happily wear for years and years! The color is Der Blaue Monde (1432). I let these be fraternal twins and knit until I decided I wanted to cast these off and start on the baby Prufrocks for Z. They’re nice and long. hundertwasser-2

There’s not much to say about the knitting of these. I did my usual toe-up recipe, found in any of my sock patterns. I ended up doing a few increases on the back of the leg as it got higher and higher up my calf. I loved working with this yarn. I’m tempted to cast on another self-striping project right away, but I do want to work on some of the Ravellenic goals I set for myself.hundertwasserSometimes socks are just so captivating, and soothing. Ravellenic goals might just…

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